Some business with little capita

fruit business theme

There are many businesses now that do not require any capital to do. Or you can do business with little capital.

1. Selling products online: You can sell products online. Any product that you feel comfortable with can now be sold online. That’s why you need to be associated with anyone who does business online. You can sell his product by displaying it on your Facebook page. In return you can take commission from him.

2. YouTube Channel: Now you can join this business if you have a good quality mobile handset. There are hundreds of ideas on cooking, opening different designs on clothes, making handicrafts by opening a channel on YouTube, (if you search on YouTube) you can create videos and upload them.

3. Small Entrepreneur: You have to spend something for this. For example, getting a trade license, opening a bank account, getting listed in the SME Foundation. You can participate in all the fairs for small entrepreneurs by taking products from all the women who make clothes at the small level next to you, who are involved in handicrafts.

4. Computer business: Here too you have to spend at least one computer, one printer for internet connection. Even if it is a shop of tolerable small size. Good if you know composing well. If you don’t know, various applications including bank recruitment application, examination certificate, photo to photo, e-mail, e-tin application, tender participation are now done online. You can do those. And it is better to know the work of design. There are many opportunities for additional income in this sector.

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