Business Idea for fruit shop

fruit business idea

 You have to be enterprising to stand on your own two feet. And to be an entrepreneur, you have to decide what to start with. This requires a business that can be started with little capital.

Mango, blackberry, litchi, jackfruit, guava, pineapple, olive, kamaranga, grapefruit, mango etc. are available at different times of the year. Fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Good business can be done by selling fruits. Especially in schools, colleges, universities, busy street corners or alleys there is a lot of value for fruit. Moreover, now fruit import is also quite. Such as apples, pears, malts, grapes, etc. Fruit shops can start with local and foreign fruits.

The choice of location is an important issue in the case of fruit shops. A place should be chosen for the fruit shop, through which the office people travel more. In addition, you can choose places that are more crowded for the shop. However, if the bus stand, railway station, hospital or busy area fruit shop business will run well. Fruit shops can also be offered near grocery stores in residential areas.

Some money will be needed to buy permanent materials for the store. Besides, if you invest some money to buy fruits every week, the profit margin will be huge. If you want to rent a shop, you will need some more money for its position and rent. Some rules of shop management

The store must be clean. Arrange separate baskets for fruit at the same time. Collect fresh and naturally ripe fruits at wholesale prices. You can put such fruits in front of the shop. Large fruits like watermelon, jackfruit, coconut, melon etc. can be arranged separately on the table. Small fruits like Amalki, Olive, Kamranga, Borai etc. should be arranged in baskets on the table. Be sure to arrange beautiful packets for sale, which will impress the buyer and motivate them to buy the product from you again.

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