5 tips for High income fruit business in a short time

fruit business tips

There is a demand for various fruits throughout the year. Fruit is a delicious and nutritious food. Everyone, big or small, likes one or another fruit. There is a huge demand for all kinds of fruits. Anyone with little capital can become self-sufficient in fruit business.

Selection of location: 

 It is necessary to select a suitable place for giving fruit shop. Fruit shops should be set up in the center of the market or in places where people gather. A fruit shop near a school, college, university, bus stand, railway station or in front of a hospital will do business well. In addition, fruit shops can be provided near the crossroads in residential areas. Anyone can start a fruit business for their own employment.


 10 $ to 30 will be required to buy durable materials for fruit shop. In addition, you have to invest 200 to 300 per week to buy fruit. If you want to rent a shop, you may need some more dollers for the position and rent of the shop.


No training is required to set up a fruit shop. However, the details of the fruit business can be known by contacting an experienced person.

Rules for running a fruit shop:

After selecting the shop, the wooden shelves or shelves in the shop should be arranged against the wall. A wooden table should be placed in front of the shop. Fruits should be collected from places where fresh and naturally ripe fruits are sold at wholesale prices. Wooden shelves or different fruits should be arranged one on top of the other. In this way apples, oranges, pears, malts etc. can be arranged. Large fruits like watermelon, coconut, melon etc. should be arranged separately on the table. Small fruits like mango, olive, kamaranga, plum etc. should be arranged on the table in baskets. Fruits that are sold as weights should be weighed on the scales when sold. Some fruits are sold as hali or dozen. Such as banana, apple, orange, etc. These fruits must be counted correctly. The fruit sold should be given to the seller on a piece of paper.


Fruits should be collected very carefully before reaching the buyer, so that there are no spoiled fruits. Fresh and ripe fruits have to be sold. The fruit should be wiped well before arranging. Naturally ripened fruits should be kept in the store. Ripe fruits should not be sold with pomp.

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